Our sectors

SI.ME.TE. boasts specialist technical know-how in the field of civil engineering and architecture. The company develops complex projects in the advanced tertiary service, industrial, residential infrastructure, health and sports sectors.

Industry and Logistics

This category comprises Industrial production and management buildings. Interventions are realised with special care to avoid compromising site productivity, ensure need fulfilment and advance problem-solving.
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Infrastructure is part of the mobility sector and affects different kinds of projects. Major interventions have been carried out on airports, railways, roads, bridges, viaducts and cableways. Each intervention is made in compliance with high quality and safety standards, with the utmost respect for the environment.
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Residences and Hospitality Facilities

The aim of the activity carried out in this sector is to deliver environments that provide a better quality of life. SI.ME.TE works in close contact with important architects, always setting itself new challenges to maximise energy efficiency.
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The Service and Commercial Sectors

These sectors are part of the activities of the company, which uses the most innovative planning technologies to construct buildings withstate-of-the art forms.
SI.ME.TE excels in the large-scale distribution and shopping centre sector with interventions of integrated engineering.
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Hospitals and Health

Planning in the hospital and health field is particularly complex and delicate insofar as it presupposes achieving functionalities and comfort, while at the same time cutting management and maintenance costs. SI.ME.TE boasts proven experience and plays a major role in the sector.
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Sport and Culture

The company works in this sector with sound knowledge of the climatic and ambient characteristics of sites designated for sport and culture. The experience it has acquired down the years has enabledSI.ME.TE to solve concrete problems with solutions that ensure the well-being of the final user.
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Historical buildings and restoration

Experience consolidated in Italy – a country that boasts one of the richest historical and artistic heritages in the world– has enabled EL Engineering to achieve successful results on the architecture, structure and design of buildings.
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