Studio O. Siniscalco
Civil Engineering and Architecture


To trace the first activities of what our company has become today, it is necessary to go back to 1891, when it was established by Pietro Gambetta, an engineer. Since then, our professional environment has undergone numerous changes in parallel and in tune with the great technical and social transformations of the last century. SI.ME.TE. plays a leading role in the civil engineering and architecture sectors and manages highly complex projects, overseeing every stage in their development, from conception to construction.

Everything began
The O.SINISCALCO, Associazione Professionale came into being
While the studio continued pursuing its activity, SI.ME.TE. was established.
SI.ME.TE, in partnership with Prodim and El Srl Engineering, established EP&S

Professional expertise and know-how at the client’s service

Over the years, SI.ME.TE.’s professionals have developed the highest technical know-how which, combined with strategic partnerships with top engineering companies, has helped earn it a firmly acknowledged reputation in the sector.
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SI.ME.TE. caters for a distinctly diversified client base thanks to an offer of services that range from architecture and engineering project management optimisation to the executive planning of plant engineering for infrastructure in every sector.