The present company structure dates from the founding of the Studio by Ing. Pietro Gambetta back in 1891.
Since then, through the entry of new partners and consequent changes in company name, it has operated uninterruptedly, even during the two world wars.
The evolution from engineering studio to engineering company took shape when Prof. Ing. Giorgio Nicola Siniscalco began his professional activity.

In 1973 the “Studio O. Siniscalco” professional association was formed, then 13 years later, in 1986, SI.ME.TE. snc di GNS & C. was established, later to become SI.ME.TE. S.r.l.,an engineering company.

In 2003 SI.ME.TE. S.r.l. obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) certificationfor the Management of High-Quality Systems, released by DNV Det Norske Veritas Italia S.r.l., which has been confirmed by DNV to this day.

In 2013, SI.ME.TE. S.r.l. joined with EL S.r.l. Engineering Service and Prodim S.r.l. to establish the EP&S Scarl permanent consortium as the sole partner capable of offering integrated engineering services.

In 2019 SI.ME.TE. S.r.l. recorded sales of 4 million euros and, with the other companies in EP&S, achieved group sales of more than 7 million euros.
The year in which Ing.Gambetta establishes his Studio, whose principal activities are the development of wide-ranging artistic projects, designing houses, industrial plants and aqueducts.
Following Ing. Gambetta’s death, the Studio is taken over byIng.Ottavio Siniscalco, who focuses business on architectural and structural work.
Prof. Ing. Giorgio Nicola Siniscalco, who specialises mainly in prefabricated and pre-compressed structures,joins the Studio.After the death of his father, Ing.Ottavio Siniscalco, he becomes the owner, while continuing to pursue his academic career at Turin Polytechnic and IUAV University in Venice.
Prof. Ing. Giorgio Nicola Siniscalco decidesto enter into partnership with other colleagues and STUDIO O. SINISCALCO PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION (in Via Pio V°, Turin) comes into being.
Establishment of SI.ME.TE. S.n.c., a generalcompany, one of the first engineering companiesin Italy, later to become SI.ME.TE. S.r.l.
With Prodim and EL s.r.l. Engineering Service, SI.ME.TE. establishes EP&S Engineering Project & Service.
The year of the death of Prof. Ing. Giorgio Nicola Siniscalco, the energetic promoter of the EP&S idea, a founding member and a stalwart of the new organisation.